The Mystery Tour …Rome Part 1 – 24, 25 and 26 March 2017


Augustus – The First Emperor of Rome

Rome. The Eternal city. The Imperial city. The city of mystery, intrigue, murder and darkness, yet the cradle of Christianity and hope.
A city of ancient buildings which shaped the world of architecture and a place of history – masters of the Roman universe and crazed lunatics like Caligula.
This is the legacy of Rome.
Our first tour of Rome will explore the wonders of Imperial Rome. We will explore the Romans – who were they and what made them masters of the world.
Their innovation in architecture continues to influence modern – day building and design. They were the first to use concrete and built arches and monuments like no other civilization. They built shopping malls and magnificent temples, theatres.
Copied from the Greek – innovated  and improved by the Romans.

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