Celts in Bologna

Necropoli Benacci tomb 953

Necropoli Benacci Tomb – 953

Source: Archaeological Museum of Bologna

The Greek historian Hecataeus of Miletus (500 BCE) was the first to mention peoples who he called ‘Keltoi’ or ‘Galati’. Herodotus also mentions a population of celts who lived around the Danube region. Gallos is a modern Greek word meaning French. In latin the celts were known as the ‘Galli’ or ‘Celtae’. 

During the 5th century BCE, the Celts appear to have had intense trading relations with the Italian peninsula, importing precious material and more importantly, wine. But not only was there an exchange of goods but also settlements as evidenced by finds of celtic origin in Etruscan graves. Finds include belt buckles, and fibulae (brooches or pins for fastening clothing). 

So starting from the end of the 5th century BCE,  the Bolognese territory Felsina was host to the Gallic tribe known as the Boi. The Boi came from beyond the Alps and reached Rome in 389 -388 AD.


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