Villanovian Settlements begin…



Emilia Romagna comprises of an area expanding from Monte Cimone in the northern Apennines to the sand of the Riviera. Archaeological finds dating back to the Bronze Age have been found from the Terramare settlement.

As far back as the 9th Century BCE, the Etruscan civilisation developed in an area between the rivers Arno to the north and Tiber to the south.

In Emilia – Romagna the Etruscans settled in the city of Bologna and along the outskirts of the city around the Savena River and today’s Fiera district. There seems to have been a core settlement around Villa Casarini (which today is the head quarters of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna). In the 8th Century BCE these settlements moved to the Aposa stream in the east and the Ravone settlement in the west.

But who were these Etruscans and where did they come from ?




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